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Meet Classic Private Wealth

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Classic Private Wealth is an authorized financial services provider owned by its clients. A minimum of 51% of the shareholding is held by the Private Client Trust on behalf of existing clients. This is governed by the Memorandum of Incorporation and the Private Client Trust Deed. This always ensures a client centric approach.  

Classic Wealth was founded in 2013 by Wikus Marais. He is one of the pioneers in the Wealth Management industry, having built one of the most successful Wealth Management businesses with his brothers. Classic Wealth currently employs 8 people who were specifically selected because of their caring attitude, depth of knowledge and experience.

The business deploys a wealth of expertise in the different areas of expertise required to be able to provide our clients with advice and implementation of their wealth management strategy. 

Your personal finances can be a very emotional affair. 

Classic Private Wealth has been set up to provide objective ongoing advice to our clients, ensuring that they consistently achieve their desired objectives, irrespective of difficult circumstances or surprises. 

In order stay objective, Classic Wealth never receives money from any of its suppliers (commission) and is only paid by our clients. Any commissions or other payments received by suppliers are credited to our clients’ fee accounts.

We help our clients to deal with the complexities in their lives by giving them holistic advice about all the areas that need attention, for example cash flow planning to determine affordability of their lifestyle, wills, trust, taxes and investments. 

A clear strategy, consistently applied, ensures that our clients can pay their bills for the rest of their lives.

Our proven practical approach delivers the right results for our clients.

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