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Trust Relationship

Trust in a Relationship

To be as effective as possible, wealth management should be a lifelong partnership between client and wealth manager. The trust that is necessary for a constructive advice relationship starts from knowing that you are truly on the same team. Classic Private Wealth is not about selling products or services to our clients, but about taking care of them. The whole business is built around this – the fee structure, the people we appoint and the way in which they are organised and remunerated. Each existing client is assigned to a dedicated advisor who does not deal with new clients.


Over and above technical proficiency, advisors are specifically selected to be people who put the interest of their clients first and who receive great satisfaction from caring for their clients.

Trust is earned through results, but is aided greatly by our clients having a firm grasp of what we do and why we do it. This lies at the heart of all the regular meetings, presentations and interaction between clients and wealth advisors. We further enhance trust through creating an environment in which clients know that our interests are closely aligned with theirs and that we will leave no stone unturned in trying to improve your experience.

Alignment of Interests

  • Classic Private Wealth is paid by the client, not the supplier. Therefore we work for the client alone. Any money received from suppliers are offset against the fee account of the client. The client always knows what he or she is paying, and our decisions are not skewed by any supplier incentives.

  • Cost savings that lead to higher returns benefit both parties directly, again putting us on the same side.

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