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Our Clients

Classic Private Wealth has been created to integrate and manage prosperous individuals and families from all walks of life, ensuring that our clients have the peace of mind that their affairs are in order and all aspects of their financial plans are fully coordinated. ​


Wealth management, to be as effective as possible, should be a lifelong partnership between client and wealth manager. The trust that is necessary in a constructive advice relationship starts from knowing that you are truly on the same team.


Classic Private Wealth is not about selling products or services to our clients, but about taking care of them. The whole business is built around this–the fee structure, the people we appoint and the way they are organised and remunerated.

Who Will Benefit Most From Our Services

Owners of Successful Businesses

Deciding how and when to secure a portion of the wealth they have earned is probably the most important question facing successful entrepreneurs and business owners. If done well, this will not only lock in your future prosperity but also create the focus and conviction critical to further wealth creation.

Professional Practitioners

Any person earning significant but changeable income and tasked with providing for his or her own retirement is faced with a multitude of tricky decisions. Classic Private Wealth brings valuable perspective and a wealth of experience to bear on this, charting a secure path while helping our clients play to their strengths.

Individuals Approaching Retirement

In the years approaching retirement it is imperative to know whether you have accumulated sufficient assets to sustain your desired standard of living. Just as important is not to be lured into risky investments in order to make up for perceived shortfalls. We use life-long cash flow modelling to make informed decisions and build appropriate portfolios.

Beneficiaries of Estates and

Divorce Settlements

Making the most of a lump sum investment as a source of income requires accurate planning, astute investment management and the ability to live with a degree of volatility. Classic Private Wealth helps calibrate all these for each client.

What Our Clients Have To Say

In any business technical expertise is vital. Wikus, Magda and the whole team take this to the next level by combining it with a personal approach. I do not feel as if I outsource my financial matters to them, instead they are my team and taking care of my interests is primary to them.

- Inno

By Classic Wealth het ek persoonlike diens gekry vir my totale portefeulje. Hulle beleggings filosofie, wat sorg vir groei maar ook vir robuustheid tydens moeilike tye, was vir my verstaanbaar en gerusstellend. Tans is my portefeulje reeds 4 jaar by hulle en het my verwagtings gerealiseer.

- Gert

Classic Wealth plays a large part in sorting out my financial life. I have a better understanding around my financial plan as well as the comfort that there is someone smarter than me to ask advice from.
You don't want to be on a cruise ship wondering if you can afford to be a cruise ship.  

- Stefan

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