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Why is Strategy so important? - Part 2

Adhering to a strategic framework can provide you with the certainty to achieve your financial goals and peace of mind.

Staying invested in uncertain times can be a tricky endeavour, especially when you are emotionally involved in the process.

Instead, to have a clear, rules-based strategy already in place ensures that your emotions are removed from the decision-making process and can enable you to lock in the performance the market offers you over the longer term.

The main idea behind a strategy is designing a thinking and execution framework around the different categories of wealth that can be adhered to even in difficult times. We believe wealth should be classified into four different pots or categories.

At Classic Wealth, we think the four different categories of wealth should not be treated the same. In fact, in 2 of these areas, the rules of one are quite opposite to the rules of the other. This simple framework is the result of thirty years of advising clients and tracking the outcomes of this advice.

Adhering to the framework can provide you with the certainty you need to achieve your financial goals and the peace of mind of being able to pay your bills for the rest of your life.


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